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          Our Story

          The Texas Library and Archives Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization chartered to support libraries and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, located on the grounds of our State Capitol. We believe that libraries are keys to the preservation of Texas’ history. We welcome all generations to join us as we invest in Texas’ libraries through literary awareness events, grants, school programs and book festivals celebrating continued education and Texas’ rich documentary heritage. We support special archival exhibits at the State Library and Archives, which holds millions of historic artifacts — from rare maps and films to historic letters. The Friends also provides opportunities to volunteer for statewide literary events and fundraisers, uniting people who share a love of learning in their communities. Membership is free and we welcome you to Become a Friend!

          Helping Make Libraries Strong

          TSLAC works to strengthen Texas public,school, college, and university libraries.TSLAC also ensures that persons with visual
          impairments or physical disabilities have the books and information they need to lead productive, fulfilled lives.

          Why Seek Private Funding?

          You might ask, isn’t the Texas State Library and Archives Commission a state agency? Why do you need private funding?
          While TSLAC’s basic operating expenditures come from State and Federal funds, needs far outstrip available resources.
          For example, the Talking Book Program, a lifeline for persons who cannot read standard print due to a visual impairment or
          physical disability, only reaches about 7% of eligible users. State resources cannot be used to advertise the program.

          Another TSLAC project, the Texas Center for the Book, has a great potential to support reading, library use, and literacy statewide,
          but has no dedicated funding from state or federal sources.

          The agency continues to have a backlog of several thousand cubic feet of archival documents that represent untold treasures
          of Texas history.